Centura Profile: Summerhill (1970) 

It is a vivid yellow & orange floral, designed by Cynthia Gerow.  Matching Corning Ware was offered with the round Buffet Server shape, plus the ordinary square shape.  This pattern was discontinued around 1976 or 1977.

Summerhill originally came with rounded solid-coloured cups & bowls, and switched to patterned straight-sided ones sometime between 1972 & 1974.  Creamers & sugar bowls also moved from solid-coloured to patterned, but they always have a straight-sided shape.


Centura Summerhill
1972 Catalogue.


Centura Summerhill
1972 Catalogue, text enlargement.


Centura Summerhill
1974 Booklet.

1974 Booklet.

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