Centura Accessories & Corning Ware Cookware  

Centura Individual Pieces, image from 1963 leaflet
1963 Leaflet.


Centura Individual Pieces, image from 1964 leaflet
1964 Leaflet.

It states that casserole lids and the cream & sugar set are not made of glass-ceramic.  The illustration of the 4 cup percolator is inaccurate, it implies that the spout is chrome like that of the 9 cup.  In reality, a 4 cup percolator is the same pot as a 6 cup beverage maker, but with a different lid and a basket and pump assembly inside.


Centura Accessories, image from 1968 leaflet
1968 Leaflet.

A C-112 Patio Platter is not shown; it is round with a very narrow rim.  The oval platter pictured is either a C-610 or C-611.  The small coffee pot is shown with a percolator lid, so that makes it a 4 cup percolator.  With a different lid, this pot is also a 6 cup beverage maker, or teapot.


Centura Accessories, image from 1968 leaflet
1968 Leaflet.

There are three sizes in straight-sided bowls, with a choice of White, Platinum or Gold.  With a large saucer or under-plate, a regular 20 oz bowl becomes a gravy server set.


Centura Cook and Serve Corning Ware, image from 1968 leaflet
1968 Leaflet.  The Buffet Server shape is the second type of Corning Ware cookware to go with Centura.


Centura Parts List, image from 1972 catalogue

1972 Catalogue.

At this time, matching Corning Ware had a round Buffet Server shape.  It is not clear why 10 inch skillet lids should be available in Laurel, Lynnwood and Summerhill, when 10 inch skillets apparently are not offered in these patterns.  This size also fits a 4 Qt Dutch oven, which does not seem to come in these patterns either.


Centura Accessories, image from 1977 booklet
1977 Booklet.

Along with two square Corning Ware casseroles, a C-811 oval platter (M), and a C-150 Porringer (S) are also made of Corning Ware rather than Centura.  These two items re-appeared later in Corning Ware's "Little Dishes" product line, re-named a Main Plate and a Grab-It.  Porringers/Grab-Its did not come with lids at this time.

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