Corning Ware:
Comparing Spice O' Life's Cookware and Tea/Coffee Versions

Spice O' Life is best known as an assortment of vegetables and herbs, which is the pattern printed on Corning Ware cookware.  But teapots & coffee pots are decorated differently, with small flowers and what might be nuts and berries.  The colour schemes are similar, but not identical.  What unifies the two different variations is the background of herbs common to both.


Spice O' Life casserole 2 Litre (8 cups)
Corning Ware casserole.

Spice O' Life Percolator 10 cups
Percolator, 10 cups
Most Spice O' Life Corning Ware includes French phrases as part of the design, but the examples pictured here lack that feature.
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