Pyrex: Comparing Forest Fancies and Homestead

Homestead debuted in 1976, and when it was discontinued, Forest Fancies took its place in 1981.  The backgrounds of both patterns are very similar, beige with brown speckles.


Homestead 401, Forest Fancies 401
Homestead 401, Forest Fancies 401.  It does seem that the colours are meant to be different, but the difference is very small.


Homestead 401, Forest Fancies 401, Stack 'N' Snack 404
Homestead & Forest Fancies 401s, Stack 'N' Snack 404.  Introduced in 1980, the Stack 'N' Snack set is contemporary with both patterns.  Its background is also beige with brown speckles, but not the same shade.
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Isn't that date incorrect?
Isn't this pattern known by a different name?