Corelle Profile: Spice O' Life (1981) 

Spice O' Life Corning Ware was manufactured from 1972 to 1988, and it was designed by artists Alice Kiernan, Patricia Luzier & Gregory Mirow.  The Corelle version was introduced in 1981 as one of four patterns in the new Traditions Livingware line

Patterns in this grouping were the first to come with opal Pyrex round bottom cups and large cream & sugar sets.  Bowls, saucers and oval platters are decorated on the rim with a single dark green band.  Traditions was a short-lived product line and all patterns, including Spice O' Life Corelle, were discontinued at the end of 1983.


Spice O' Life dinner plate and Pyrex cup
Spice O' Life: dinner plate, Pyrex cup.

Centura Tableware in Spice O' Life was available from 1975 to 1977, and the design on those pieces closely matches the cookware.  The Corelle version is printed with just three colours, green being predominant.  So the Corelle version might not seem to be a perfect match, but the same motifs are present on both products, although they might be coloured differently.


Spice O' Life: Corning Ware & Corelle
Corning Ware casserole & Corelle dinner plate.  The brown tomato is the most obvious absence from the Corelle version.

Being one of the standard Corning Ware patterns of the 1970s & 1980s, a large variety of shapes & sizes was manufactured in Spice O' Life.  Regular square Corning Ware shapes were offered in sizes ranging from 1¾ cup Petite Pans to 5 Qt casseroles.  Round Buffet Server shapes with clear sculptured lids exist in six sizes.  Other pieces include baking pans, roasters, Menu-ette sets, Rangetoppers, Fast Food dishes, Grab-Its & Casser-ettes, Counter Savers, teapots, filter-drip coffee makers, and percolators with chrome spouts, white spouts and plastic spouts.


Corning Ware Spice O' Life Grab-It & Grab-A-Meal
Grab-It (15 oz) & Grab-A-Meal (24 oz).  The Grab-A-Meal is identifiable by its extra handle.  Casser-ettes (14 oz) are similar, but with a shallow oval shape and two small handles.

(Photo below right: Grab-It with a different pattern.  It matches the Grab-A-Meal pictured above, with a brown pepper instead of a red pepper.)

             Corning Ware Grab-It, Spice O' Life

Shapes & Sizes:

Dinner Plate (10¼")
Luncheon Plate (8½")
Side Plate (6¾")
Saucer (6¼") *
Dessert Bowl (10 oz, 5-3/8") *
Soup/Cereal Bowl (18 oz, 6¼") *
1 Qt Serving Bowl (8½") *
2 Qt Serving Bowl (10¼") *
Oval Platter (12½") *

Opal Pyrex:
Pyrex Cup (round-bottom, 8 oz)
Pyrex Cream & Sugar (new style - large)

Spice O' Life Pyrex Canisters, image from 1978 catalogue* - one dark green band

(Photo: Pyrex Store 'N' See containers.  Image from 1978 catalogue.)


Store 'N' See Containers:
A wide selection of clear Pyrex containers with patterned lids was offered in Spice O' Life.

¾ cup Canister
¾ cup Salt & Pepper Shakers
1 pt Canister
1 Qt Canister
1½ Qt Canister
2½ Qt Canister
85 oz Pasta Keeper


Spice O' Life 18 oz soup/cereal bowls
Soup/cereal bowls (18 oz).  The coloured band is dark olive green.



Manufacturers other than Corning produced their own versions of Spice O' Life.  The majority of these are unofficial products and close comparison with the genuine Corelle or Corning Ware pattern will reveal variations in the design.

Quilted fabric kitchen accessories, like pot holders and aprons, are officially licensed products that could be purchased through a mail-order offer.

Gemco produced numerous tabletop accessories in their Matchables product line, using the pattern names "Spice Excitement" and "Top O' Spice".

Accessory items also can be found from Dominion Glass and Dispensers Inc.  Dominion Glass also made glassware to match, the shape is very similar to Libbey's "single bulge" style, but the pattern is different.

Cheinco Housewares produced metal kitchenware and tins.

James Bradley & Assoc. sold opal pedestal mugs under the Glassmates brand.  Glassware with a white finish also exists, inscribed with "Le Verre".  There is also a taller style of pedestal mug by Federal Glass which is much more prevalent than the B-handled type.

Glassware by Libbey includes the phrase "Bonne Sante".  Dominion Glass made similar shaped glassware which omits the lettering.

Spice O' Life was copied widely in the housewares industry, and the list of companies and products with this same general motif is potentially endless.  But a short list of the most interesting items would include: small appliances from K-Mart; plastic ware from Sterilite; mugs & tableware (both clear and opal) and storage jars by Arc International of France; and pottery named "Spice Delight" from McCoy.

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