Corelle Profile: Nutmeg (1987)

Decorated simply with two coloured bands in taupe and red, Nutmeg arrived in 1987.  It became part of the Livingware Casuals product line when it was grouped with Colonial Blue and First of Spring, and all three are beige-bodied patterns that use a coupe plate style.  Nutmeg was discontinued sometime before 1992; the exact date is not known.


Corelle Nutmeg side plate
Nutmeg side plate.
Bowls and mugs are decorated with the same taupe and red bands that are printed on plates.  Mugs are made of stoneware and have a straight-sided shape.  It seems that platters, serving bowls, dessert bowls and luncheon plates might not exist in this pattern.


Shapes & Sizes:

Dinner Plate (10¼")
Side Plate (6¾")
Soup/Cereal Bowl (18 oz, 6¼")
Stoneware Mug (straight-sided, 9 oz)
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