Non-Standard Pyrex Patterns & Colours: Oval Casseroles 

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1957 043/943 oval casserole, yellow & charcoal flower
Decorator Casserole, charcoal flower   


Pyrex Black Tulip pattern sample
Decorator Casserole, black tulip  


Pyrex White Lace on turquoise pattern sample
Decorator Casserole, white lace  


Pyrex 043 Decorator Casserole, charcoal on yellow pattern sample
Decorator Casserole, charcoal on yellow  


Pyrex Deluxe Cinderella Casserole, 045/945 with gold hearts
Deluxe Cinderella Casserole, gold on ivory   


Pyrex 043 Bluebird Casserole
Bluebird Casserole  


Pyrex Golden Casserole, 045/945
Golden Casserole   


Pyrex 043 oval casserole, Meadow
Meadow, turquoise  


Pyrex 043/943 oval, the Floral Casserole
Floral Casserole      


Pyrex 045/945 Deluxe Cinderella casserole, classic gold on white
Deluxe Cinderella Casserole, gold on white  


Pyrex Cinderella Starter Set, turquoise floral, pattern sample
Cinderella Starter Set  


Pyrex Empire Scroll 043 casserole
Empire Scroll, gold on white  


Pyrex 045/945 oval casserole, gold on red Deluxe Buffet Server
Deluxe Buffet Server   


Pyrex 043 oval casserole, Golden Scroll on green
Golden Scroll   


Pyrex Golden Classic casserole, 045 oval with 945 lid
Golden Classic  


Pyrex pattern sample, pink & white 043 oval casserole
pink with white leaves (no official name)


Pyrex pattern sample, 045 oval casserole, ivory with gold design
ivory with gold scrollwork design  


Pyrex dark brown 043 casserole, gold tulip pattern
tulip design (two colour variations) 


Pyrex Regency 043 oval casserole, pattern sample


Pyrex Golden Bouquet 043/943 oval casserole
Golden Bouquet, dark blue   


Pyrex 045 Empire Scroll, pattern sample
Empire Scroll, black on ivory  


Pyrex 045/945 oval casserole, gold version of Olive Medallion
Olive Medallion (two colour variations)  


Pyrex 045 oval casserole, Golden Bouquet, pattern sample
Golden Bouquet, ivory  


Pyrex 043/943 oval casserole, Golden Wreath
Golden Wreath  


Pyrex 045/945 oval casserole, Golden Rose
Golden Rose  


043/943 oval casserole, turquoise with blue patterned opal lid
solid turquoise with blue lace lid (no official name)


Pyrex 043 oval gold floral pattern sample
yellow with gold rosette design (no official name)


Pyrex 043/943 oval casserole, gold floral, pattern sample
yellow with gold floral swag design (no official name)


Pyrex 043/943 oval casserole, Basket Weave pattern sample
Basket Weave   


Pyrex 043/943 oval casserole pattern sample
blue & black floral design (no official name)


Pyrex 045/945 oval casserole, blue & rust design
blue & rust southwest design (no official name)


Pyrex 043/943 oval casserole pattern sample
orange & yellow fruit design (no official name)


Pyrex 043/943 oval casserole, Kim Chee
Kim Chee  


Seville 045/945 oval casserole


New Holland, 043/943 oval casserole
New Holland   


Pyrex 043, Spices, pattern sample


Others:  A special version of Autumn Harvest was also marketed in a gift promotion set.
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