Non-Standard Pyrex Patterns & Colours: Oval Casseroles 

1957 043/943 oval casserole, yellow & charcoal flower
Decorator Casserole, charcoal flower   


Pyrex White Lace on turquoise pattern sample
Decorator Casserole 045, white lace, pattern sample.  This 045 casserole was marketed during late 1957 with a dual candle-warmer.  Advertising and original boxes call it simply a "Decorator Casserole", but it was also described as "turquoise with delicate white lace pattern" in advertisements.


Pyrex Deluxe Cinderella Casserole, 045/945 with gold hearts
Deluxe Cinderella Casserole   


Bluebird Casserole, 043/943
Bluebird Casserole, 043/943.  Introduced during late 1959, it was originally equipped with a metal cradle.  Advertising from that time provides its official name. 


Pyrex Golden Casserole, 045/945, image from 1959 advertisement
Golden Casserole, 045/945.  Image from 1959 advertisement.  It was introduced in late 1959 and depicts a grapevine motif.  The lid is plain, not patterned.


Pyrex 043 oval casserole, Meadow
Meadow 043/943.  Equipped with a cradle, this casserole was offered during spring 1960.  Advertising described it as: "... turquoise 'Meadow' decoration on white", but its original box simply called it "Cinderella Casserole with Cradle".


Pyrex 043/943 oval, the Floral Casserole
Floral Casserole      


Pyrex 045/945 Deluxe Cinderella casserole, classic gold on white
Deluxe Cinderella Casserole      


Pyrex Empire Scroll 043 casserole
Empire Scroll 043/943, gold on white.  It arrived during late 1961, and was originally equipped with a cradle.  An 045 casserole with a completely different design was given the same official pattern name in 1965.


Pyrex 045/945 oval casserole, gold on red Deluxe Buffet Server
Deluxe Buffet Server     


Pyrex Golden Classic casserole, 045/945, image from 1962 advertisement
Golden Classic 045/945, gold on yellow.  Image from 1962 advertisement.  It was introduced late 1962 and remained available into 1963.  Its official name was printed on packaging and in advertising.


Dark brown 043/943 with gold tulip pattern
tulip design, also in white on blue  


Golden Bouquet 043/943 oval casserole
Golden Bouquet 043/943 oval casserole.  It entered the marketplace during late 1965 in a set that also included a cradle.  Its official pattern name was stated in advertising and company literature.


043/943 oval casserole, turquoise with blue patterned opal lid
turquoise with blue lace patterned lid  


Pyrex 043/943 oval casserole, gold floral, image from 1970 catalogue
Oval 043/943 casserole, gold floral design on yellow.  Image from 1970 catalogue.  This set was available during late 1969 & early 1970.  If the pattern has an official name, it was not mentioned in dealer catalogues or on the original box.


Pyrex 043/943 oval casserole, Kim Chee, image from 1972 catalogue
Kim Chee 043/943 casserole.  Image from 1972 catalogue.  It was marketed during late 1971 & early 1972 and came with a cradle.


Seville 045/945 oval casserole


New Holland, 043/943 oval casserole
New Holland 043 oval casserole with 943 lid.  It debuted during late 1973 in a set that also included a matching 045/945 casserole and an oval cork trivet designed to fit either size.


Others:  A special version of Autumn Harvest was also marketed in a gift promotion set.
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