Corning Ware Profile: Teapots (1960) 

The P-104 (6 cup) Corning Ware teapot entered the market in 1960.  An exact date of discontinuance is not known, but Shadow Iris & Pastel Bouquet are the last patterns to appear on these teapots, so they must have disappeared soon after 1986.

Date ranges on this page pertain to the Corning Ware shapes & sizes in general; the dates of each individual pattern vary.  Total so far: 22.

6 Cup Teapots (P-104):  

Pastel Bouquet P-104 6 cup Corning Ware teapotBantry
Blue Cornflower
Blue Heather
Country Festival
Floral Bouquet
Indian Summer
Merry Mushroom
Pastel Bouquet
Shadow Iris
Spice O' Life (4)*
Strawberry Sunday
Wheat **
White / Just White

(Photo above right:  Pastel Bouquet P-104 teapot.)


6 Cup Corning Ware Teapots: Strawberry Sunday, Wildflower
P-104 teapots: Strawberry Sunday, Wildflower.

Less numerous are P-103 (3 cup) teapots, which first appeared about 1962.  They were discontinued around 1972.

3 Cup Teapots (P-103): 

Blue Cornflower
Floral Bouquet
Wheat **


* - There are four distinct pattern variations on Spice O' Life teapots.  The French phrase, "Le The" may be present or absent, and the main design was altered in the mid 1970s, see more.  The oldest examples are more leafy, and this aspect was trimmed back sometime before 1978.  The newer version of the pattern has a more compact shape, with less greenery surrounding the edge.

Corning Ware pattern sample, Wheat** - Items with a golden brown Wheat pattern typically are prefixed with "W", so these teapots might be marked W-103 & W-104.  This pattern was available at Bon Marche, but it is not clear whether Wheat was exclusive to that retailer.  It was produced during the 1960s & early 1970s.


Corning Ware 3 cup teapots P-103, Floral Bouquet & Blue Cornflower
P-103 teapots: Floral Bouquet & Blue Cornflower.

In 1971 & 1972 the "Garden of Teapots" offered four special P-104 teapots.  Their patterns were designed by Alice Kiernan, who was also one of the designers of Spice O' Life.  The Garden of Teapots includes: Bantry, Canterbury, Chelsea, Lancaster.  Original packaging also dubbed them a "Partea Teapot".

Canterbury & Bantry Corning Ware 6 cup teapots P-104
Canterbury & Bantry from the Garden of Teapots.  The other two patterns in the series are Chelsea, depicting blue daisies, and yellow roses are pictured on Lancaster.

Seven-cup P-107 teapots date to the mid 1970s and were available in: Merry Mushroom, Spice O' Life, White.  The Cookmates version, with a perfectly flat bottom, is numbered K-TP-7 instead, and there is also a 6 cup K-TP-6.  Both Cookmates sizes were produced in White, and K-TP-6 was also marketed in Floral Bouquet.  There might be others too.


Corning Ware K-TP-7 teapot, Cookmates
White Cookmates K-TP-7 (7 cup) teapot.
P-168 Designer Teapots, Chocolate, Cranberry, image from 1985 catalogue; P-210 ADC carafe (Automatic Drip Coffeemaker)   
P-168 (8 cup) Designer Teapots were available from 1983 to 1985 with four colours to choose from: Blueberry, Chocolate, Cranberry, Lemon.  The pot itself is undecorated, but the lid and band are solid-coloured.

(Photo: Chocolate & Cranberry P-168 Designer Teapots.  Image from 1985 catalogue.)
A P-210's shape is very similar to a P-168, and it was also manufactured from 1983 to 1985.  But the P-210 was not meant to be a teapot; it was designed as a universal replacement carafe for all major brands of automatic drip coffee machines.  It holds 10 cups and was available in plain white only.  The glass knob is removable, and it is the same knob used by P-166 coffee percolators.

(Photo: P-210 ADC carafe, "Automatic Drip Coffeemaker".)

When the P-105 (2 Qt) debuted in 1963, it was called a teakettle rather than a teapot, which is why its capacity is stated in quarts rather than cups.  Its patterns include: Blue Cornflower, Wheat, White.  In Wheat, this item might be marked W-105.


2 Qt Teakettle, 4 cup Beverage Server, Blue Cornflower
Blue Cornflower: P-105 (2 Qt) Teakettle, Beverage Server (4 cup) from 1965.

Beverage Servers in 4 cup & 8 cup sizes were introduced in 1965, in Blue Cornflower and White.  They came with no special parts or attachments and were meant for tea, instant coffee, hot chocolate, etc, and are not coffee percolators.  The 4 cup size uses the same lid as a P-103 teapot.  The lid for the 8 cup size might be the same as a P-104's lid.

Similar products named Brew 'N' Serve debuted about 1971, also in 4 cup (P-504) & 8 cup (P-508) sizes.  Although they have the same purpose as the earlier Beverage Servers, they do have a different rim and handle, so Brew 'N' Serves are not the same item, despite what another source claims.  Patterns include: Blue Cornflower (both sizes), and Nature's Bounty (8 cup only).  Visit Replacements Ltd. for photos of Brew 'N' Serve pots from 1971: P-504, P-508.


Corning Ware Cookmates TK-2 teakettle, White
Cookmates TK-2 (1¾ Qt) teakettle, White.

A P-57 Deluxe Teakettle (2 Qt) arrived in 1967, and its patterns include: Blue Cornflower, Wheat, White.  In Wheat, this item is marked W-57 instead.  The Cookmates version, with a perfectly flat bottom, is numbered TK-2, and its stated capacity is 1¾ Qt.  The P-57 & TK-2 are topped by a 7¾" Corning Ware lid, the same lid that 1 Qt & 1¾ Qt Buffet Servers use, but with a different knob.


Corning Ware P-106 Filter Drip Coffee Maker, Spice O' Life
P-106 filter drip coffee maker, Spice O' Life.
Some items that look like teapots are really filter-drip coffee makers.  P-186 debuted about 1970 and P-106 arrived in 1976.  Both have a 6 cup capacity.  P-106 filter drip coffee maker; image from 1976 brochure.They were equipped with a large plastic cone that holds the paper filter and coffee grounds, and a separate kettle is required for boiling the water and pouring it into the cone.  Both coffee pots use the same lid as a P-104 teapot, but the P-106's lid has a different knob.

(Photo: P-106 filter-drip coffee maker with plastic cone attached.  Image from 1976 brochure.)  Visit Replacements Ltd. for a photo of a P-186.

P-186 patterns are: Blue Cornflower, White.  P-106 patterns are: Blue Cornflower, Country Festival, Spice O' Life (with lettering), Spice O' Life (without lettering), White, Wildflower.
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