Corning Ware Profile: Casual Elegance (1995)
White Flora, Ivory Calypso

When Casual Elegance debuted in 1995 it was one of the most talked-about products unveiled at the national housewares show in January that year.  Comparing it to previous Corning Ware styles, executives and buyers from various retail chains recognized that Casual Elegance possessed greater ease of use with its substantial rim, and its attractive shape and embellishment were particularly suited to serving at the table.  It is made of Corning Ware glass-ceramic, although its shapes are designed to function as ovenware and are not entirely conducive to stovetop use.


Corning Ware Casual Elegance White Flora round L-21 casserole
Casual Elegance White Flora L-21 (1¼ Qt) round casserole.

Shapes range from rectangular to ovals and rounds, with a deeply embossed design adorning the wide rim of each piece.  There were two pattern choices: White Flora and Ivory Calypso.  The latter choice has a very pale off-white tint that is considerably lighter than beige-tinted Corning Ware.  The pattern was later called White Calypso on packaging and in company literature, so this variation might be plain white.


Corning Ware Casual Elegance Ivory Calypso, L-32 oval casserole
Casual Elegance Ivory Calypso L-32 (2¼ Qt) oval casserole.

All known shapes & sizes are listed, and there might be others too.  Each size was available in White Flora, and all but one were available in Ivory or White Calypso.

L-13 = 1¼ Qt Rectangular (13 x 9¾")

L-15 = 2½ Qt Rectangular (15 x 11¾")

L-20 = 14 oz Petite Round (7¾")

L-21 = 1¼ Qt Round (10")

L-22 = 2¼ Qt Round (11¾")

L-23 = 1 Qt Shallow Round (11¾") *

L-30 = 12½ oz Oval (9½ x 7")

L-31 = 1¼ Qt Oval (12 x 8¾")

L-32 = 2¼ Qt Oval (14 x 10¼")

H-14 = Oval Platter (14 x 10¼")

H-16 = Oval Platter (16 x 11¾")

* - Does not seem to exist in Ivory Calypso or White Calypso.


Casual Elegance White Flora, rectangular, round and oval, image from 1997 catalogue
Casual Elegance White Flora, rectangular, round and oval.  Image from 1997 catalogue.

Both clear Pyrex lids and white plastic storage lids were provided with round & oval casseroles.  Rectangular roasters and individually-sized round & oval bowls came with white plastic lids only.  Platters are uncovered.  Lids are generally marked with the same model number as the casseroles they belong to, but with an added suffix: "-C" for Pyrex lids, and "-PC" for plastic lids.  A shallow round L-23 is the same diameter as an L-22, and seems to use the same lids: L-22-C and L-22-PC.


Casual Elegance White Flora round L-20 individual bowls
White Flora "Petite Round" L-20 (14 oz) individually-sized bowls.


Similar products: 

Corning Ware - Vineyard & Platters:
Another embossed Corning Ware pattern related to Casual Elegance is Vineyard, depicting grape leaves and small bunches of grapes on the rim.  One item is an H-15 (15") rectangular platter, but it is unclear whether there are any other sizes in this pattern.  Vineyard platters might pre-date the Casual Elegance product line; their original labels are sometimes dated 1994.
The Corning Ware H-15 (15") rectangular platter was also manufactured as a divided platter with three sections, but with a plain smooth rim.  Similarly, oval H-16 (16") Corning Ware platters could be purchased with plain smooth rims, not embossed with Flora or Calypso.


Pyrex Spring Green round bowl, L-22
Spring Green Serveware L-22 bowl.
Corningware Serveware - Cobalt Blue & Spring Green, Milano:
From 1999, Cobalt Blue & Spring Green Pyrex in the "Corningware Serveware" product line is embossed on the rim with a motif derived from Corelle patterns Damascus and Palazzo.  Two sizes offered in Serveware are borrowed from Casual Elegance: L-22 (2¼ Qt) Round Bowl, H-16 (16") Oval Platter.  Serveware's embossed motif was adopted by Suprema Pyroceram Tableware and named Milano.


Pyrex Serving Sensations Cobalt Blue L-21
Serving Sensations L-21 bowl, Cobalt Blue.  Its pattern is the same as Ivory & White Calypso, a rippling wave or feather design.
Calypso's exact design also transferred to other product lines, with certain sizes manufactured in clear Pyrex, tinted Pyrex (Cobalt Blue, Amethyst), Cranberry Visions, and Suprema Pyroceram Tableware.  Casseroles in these colour variations did not come with lids, so they are simply bowls.
Serving Sensations - Cobalt Blue, Amethyst, Clear:
Introduced in 1999, Pyrex Serving Sensations uses shapes taken directly from Calypso Corning Ware, in Cobalt Blue, Amethyst, and ordinary clear Pyrex.  Sizes include: L-21 (1¼ Qt) Round Bowl, L-32 (2¼ Qt) Oval Bowl, L-15 (2½ Qt) Rectangular Roaster, H-15 (15") Rectangular Platter.


Clear Pyrex H-16 oval platter, Dots
Pyrex Simple Elegance H-16 oval platter, Dots.
Simple Elegance - Waves & Dots, Clear:
Launched 2004, Pyrex Simple Elegance also uses Calypso's embossed pattern.  In plain clear Pyrex, it was re-named Waves, and a second pattern named Dots also appeared.  Sizes include: L-22 (2¼ Qt) Round Bowl, L-32 (2¼ Qt) Oval Bowl, L-15 (2½ Qt) Rectangular Roaster, H-15 (15") Rectangular Divided Platter with three sections, H-16 (16") Oval Platter.
Serving Sensations in clear colourless Pyrex is practically the same as Simple Elegance in Waves, but with certain differences in the choice of shapes & sizes, i.e.: L-21 or L-22, H-15 divided or non-divided, and H-16.  Both product lines incorporate an L-32 and an L-15.
Cranberry Visions:
A Cranberry Visions H-16 (16") oval platter also bears Calypso's design on its rim, but it is unclear whether any other matching pieces exist.  There are two more Cranberry Visions oval platters, an H-14 (14") and another H-16, but both have plain smooth rims.  Visit Replacements Ltd. for a photo of a plain-rimmed H-14.


Suprema, Lucerne:
Pyroceram Tableware, Suprema, Lucerne, image from 1997 price list
Pyroceram Tableware made of Suprema glass-ceramic, Lucerne.  Image from 1997 consumer price list.
Pyroceram Tableware was usually meant to be restaurant ware, but it seems that some of it was marketed to consumers too.  Calypso was named Lucerne in this context, and the range of shapes & sizes offered in Lucerne is comparable to the Pyrex Festiva product line.
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