1947 Leaflet: Flameware Use & Care  

Flameware leaflet
This undated leaflet came with a Flameware teapot.  Originating from the Canadian division of the company, the teapot and the leaflet must date to the period between 1947 & 1954.


Close-up of text, Flameware benefits.
The benefits of using Flameware.  As its name suggests, Flameware is perfect for gas stoves.


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Flameware Use & Care, including advice on cooking methods, since glass transfers heat differently than metal cookware.  It recommends low to medium heat on any type of stove.  A one year warranty covers breakage from heat shock, if the guidelines are followed carefully.


Postage paid card to return to manufacturer in the case of new electric stoves.
If the consumer owned an electric stove manufactured since 1940, they were obliged to reply to the company with these details before using their Flameware on it.  Presumably this meant that Corning would send along a heat-spreader grid if the product was going to be used on a newer and hotter appliance.  It seems that the grid was not included with this particular piece originally, and the instructions pictured above do not mention this necessity either.
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