1968 Leaflet - Pyrex Ware ... Preparing Cooking Serving Storing (Part Two) 

In the spring of 1968, consumers who were interested in Corning Ware, Pyrex or Centura could write to the company and obtain leaflets illustrating either of these product lines.  A replacement parts catalogue also could be requested.  This leaflet is devoted to Pyrex Ware and presents all available opal ware patterns along with Flameware and clear Pyrex ovenware.

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1968 leaflet, Pyrex Range Top Ware, Flameware
By this time, the Flameware brand name had been dropped and the product line was called "Pyrex Range Top Ware" instead.  Only one type of vacuum coffee maker was still available; there had been four to choose from in the early 1960s.


1968 leaflet, Pyrex Beverage Makers
Hot beverage carafes and a cream & sugar set decorated with a platinum band.  They were introduced in 1966, and the handles and lids on most of them have a "walnut woodtone inlay".  The plastic serving tray also has a woodgrain effect.


1968 leaflet, Clear Pyrex nesting bowls, mixer bowls, round casseroles
Rimmed nesting bowls, mixer bowls, round casseroles. 

The small 343 straight-sided mixer bowl debuted in 1966, and the 344 soon followed.  They are meant to be used with portable electric hand mixers rather than stand mixers.


1968 leaflet, Clear Pyrex baking pans, measuring cups
Pie plates, loaf pans, cake pans, utility dishes, measuring cups and custard cups.  A 465 Deep Pie Dish is the largest type of custard cup.


1968 leaflet, Pyrex Gift Sets
Gold-decorated cruets, salt & pepper sets, Cracker Barrel & Cookie Jar, plus avocado Drinkups. 

Seasonal gift promotion sets are: Golden Rose 045, Saxony 475, Americana Chip 'n' Dip 401 & 404, Golden Wreath 043, Blue Ivy 063, 12 cup carafe & electric warmer. 

Advertisements show that Saxony and Golden Wreath first appeared in the autumn of 1967, this could be true of Golden Rose, Blue Ivy, and Americana Chip 'n' Dip as well.  The latter was also called Earthtones on its original box.
Also see: Part One
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