1960 Pyrex Retail Catalogue (Part One) 

This six page catalogue aimed at retailers was issued by Corning Glass Works of Canada Ltd. based in Leaside Ontario.  It is a list of all available Pyrex products that a merchant might order by the case.  Although the catalogue originates from the Canadian division of Corning, all of the Pyrex items presented in it are American-made.  It had been several years since the Leaside plant had melted any glass, and where Pyrex was concerned, this facility was just a distribution centre at this point.


Pyrex 1960 Retail Catalogue

In the catalogue, capacities for bowls and casseroles are stated in ounces rather than pints & quarts.  Apparently this was customary in Canada, but Front cover of cataloguethe actual products were marked in pints & quarts because they are no different from the items that were sold in the U.S.

24 oz = 1½ pt
32 oz = 1 Qt
40 oz = 1¼ Qt
48 oz = 1½ Qt
64 oz = 2 Qt
80 oz = 2½ Qt
96 oz = 3 Qt
128 oz = 4 Qt

(Photo: Front cover of catalogue.)

The promotional items shown in the catalogue are for the spring gift promotion.  These special sets were geared toward the major gift-giving occasions during the spring,  like weddings & bridal showers, anniversaries, and Mother's Day.  Autumn gift promotions were chiefly centred around Christmas.  Special gift sets meant for autumn 1960 do not appear in this particular catalogue.

Absent from the catalogue are vacuum coffee makers and Pyrex Dinnerware in Dove Grey, Flamingo, and Turquoise (all without gold trim).  These product lines were still available in the United States at this time.

The numbers following each item description indicate the number of units per case and the approximate weight of the case.  So "12/6" for a 2 cup Honeymoon Server means there are 12 carafes in a case and the case weighs about 6 lb.  The prices beside each item are suggested retail prices.

The following images are a modified version of the catalogue, the layout has been altered in order to maintain a legible text size.


Pyrex Beverage Servers
Beverage Servers.  A Deluxe Carafe has an electric warmer.  Many of the carafes shown here had been available since the late 1950s; they aren't necessarily limited edition gift items.


Pyrex Beverage Servers
Beverage Servers.  The juice server's gold design depicts various kitchen implements.  It was the first pattern to appear on juice servers, in 1958, and it has no official name.


Flameware, or Pyrex Rangetop Ware
Flameware, or Pyrex Range Top Ware.  Flameware platters and thick saucepans & skillets using detachable handles disappeared in the 1950s.


Pyrex Clear Ovenware
Clear Ovenware.  It seems that ordinary utility lids were not available for 3 Qt 026s.


Pyrex Clear Ovenware
Clear Ovenware.  The larger custard cups were known as deep pie dishes.  At times, capacities on these same bowls were stated differently: 463 (6 oz), 464 (10 oz), 465 (1 pint).  A casserole sold without a lid was known as an Open Baker.


Pyrex Casseroles
Casseroles, ovals & Space Savers.  Colours, rather than pattern names, were more often used to describe a casserole's decoration.  For this group: Pink = white Daisy on pink; Turquoise = white Snowflake on turquoise; White = turquoise Snowflake on opal (i.e.: "OTS").  White Snowflake on Charcoal is absent from almost all pattern lists in this catalogue.


Pyrex Casseroles & single 404
Casseroles & single 404.  Red 404s were only offered individually, but the single yellow 404 is the same as the one found in 400-series sets.  White Snowflake on Charcoal was still offered in a 550 set, comprising one 548 and one 575 with three lids.  But it states that these sets were in limited supply, and it seems that both the pattern and the set were discontinued items.


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