1960 Advertisement - Pyrex Gift Sets 

From the December 1960 issue of Chatelaine, this advertisement presents six special Pyrex sets that are particularly suitable for gift-giving.  Chatelaine is a Canadian magazine, so capacities for most items are stated in ounces rather than quarts.  Although the advertising originates from Corning Glass Works of Canada, all of these products are American-made.

The following images are a modified version of the advertisement, the layout has been altered in order to maintain a legible text size.


December 1960 advertisement, Pyrex Gifts
Golden Leaf Casserole: 404 round bowl with 626 lid. 
Floral Casserole: 043 oval casserole with 943 lid.


December 1960 advertisement, Pyrex Gifts
Deluxe Cinderella Casserole: 045 oval casserole with 945 lid. 
Chip and Dip: blue opal 441 & 444 Cinderella bowls.


December 1960 advertisement, Pyrex Gifts
Hospitality Casserole: 575 Space Saver with 550 lid. 
Coffee Serving Set: Patterned with gold starbursts.

Three more gift promotion sets were offered during late 1960, but they are not pictured in this advertisement.  They are:

Royal Wheat Divided Serving Dish - 063 divided dish, yellow wheat design, with cradle, no lid provided.

Princess Casserole - 053 shallow oval non-divided dish, solid turquoise, with clear 945 lid, gold scroll design on top, plus cradle.

Holiday Casserole - 024 round casserole, red with white pine design, 624 lid, and cradle.
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