Pyrex Store 'N' See Containers (1968) 

On the market from 1968 to 1986, Store 'N' See containers also were identified at various times as Stack 'N' See or simply a Canister Set.  The glass is thin blown borosilicate, like laboratory ware.  Although this glass formula is known for its heat resistance, in terms of mechanical strength it is more fragile than regular glass, and the thin-walled structure of these items increases that vulnerability.  Store 'N' Sees cannot be used for freezing, but they are oven-safe without their plastic lids.


Pyrex Store 'N' See; from 1970 Catalogue
Store 'N' See: Avocado, White, Yellow.  Image from 1970 catalogue.
The initial colour selection offered in 1968 was Avocado & White, and Yellow debuted in 1969.  Avocado remained through the early 1970s, but White & Yellow were dropped in 1970 when Woodgrain arrived.  Woodgrain's lids are dark brown with a printed pattern around the side.

1971 Catalogue Image - 4 sizes of Store 'N' See(Photo right: Woodgrain four-piece set (1 pt, 1 Qt, 1½ Qt, 2½ Qt).  Image from 1971 catalogue.)
Lids on the four most common Store 'N' See sizes fall into two diameters: Medium (4¾") & Wide (6¼"); the latter has an indented handle-grip.  As well as two widths, containers came in two heights: Short (3¾") & Tall (7½").  Capacities are:

Short & Medium width - 1 pt (2 cup, 16 oz)
Short & Wide width - 1 Qt (4 cup, 32 oz)
Tall & Medium width - 1½ Qt (6 cup, 48 oz)
Tall & Wide width - 2½ Qt (10 cup, 80 oz)
These sizes were manufactured up to the mid 1980s.  Although they could be purchased individually, they were often sold in a four-piece set.


Pyrex Store 'N' See 16 oz Liquid Container
Liquid Container (16 oz), White.
A Shake 'N' Pour (1 Qt) is tall with a unique 4" diameter and graduated measurements printed in white on the side.  This size, and the tall & narrow Liquid Container (16 oz), were still available in 1971, but otherwise they seem to be short-lived.  The lids of the Liquid Container and the Shake 'N' Pour snap on, rather than twist on.


Pyrex Store 'N' See salt or pepper shaker, Avocado
Salt or pepper shaker (6 oz), Avocado.
The smallest Store 'N' See container is short & narrow, measuring 2¾" in diameter and 3¾" high, and holds ¾ cup (6 oz).  In 1970 this size became available as a salt & pepper set with perforated lids.  Small 6 oz containers were dropped in the early 1980s.  During the early 1970s, this size was provided with Salton electric yogurt makers, and examples from that set have white lids with "Salton" embossed on the top.
Snap-top Pyrex canister with yellow daisies, a gift from Maxwell House.In 1970 a unique Pyrex storage container was introduced with a yellow daisy design printed on the glass.  The most common size is 6" tall and holds more than one quart.  The solid yellow lid is a snap-on type. 

(Photo: yellow daisy snap-top canister, 6" tall.)
The containers were a free gift with the purchase of Maxwell House coffee.  They were filled with 10 oz of instant coffee and originally had product labels glued to the exterior.  There is also a larger size, about 8" tall, which is less common.  Although the containers are marked "Corning Brand Glass", they are undoubtedly made of Pyrex.


Pyrex Store N See containers, Country Festival, Spice O' Life
Country Festival (short & medium, 1 pt), Spice O' Life (tall & medium, 1½ Qt).
In the mid 1970s, Store 'N' See containers switched to Corning Ware & Corelle patterns, with: Spice O' Life, Country Festival, Wildflower, Meadow, Indian Summer.  A new size debuted in 1978, the Pasta Keeper (85 oz).  At 11", it is the tallest in the product line and its lid has a medium width.
Store 'N' See containers with White tops returned in a four-piece set (1 pt, 1 Qt, 1½ Qt, 2½ Qt) in 1980.  They were paired with a Just White P-104 Corning Ware teapot in a set named "Store 'N' Brew".


Indian Summer canister, 2.5 Quarts
Indian Summer canister (tall & wide, 2½ Qt).
In 1981, Autumn Harvest became the newest Store 'N' See decoration, but only in the four typical medium & wide sizes: 1 pt, 1 Qt, 1½ Qt, 2½ Qt.  It is the only Pyrex pattern that includes Store 'N' See in its product line.
1985 Catalogue Image; Cinnamon 2.5 Qt Store N SeeSometime between 1982 & 1985, Store 'N' See canisters with solid-coloured lids returned, this assortment co-ordinating with Corelle's Dimension IV line: Almond Bisque, Almond Mocha, Cinnamon, Slate.  Almond Bisque is pale beige and Almond Mocha is brown.  Each colour was produced only in the wide sizes: 1 Qt, 2½ Qt.

(Photo right: Cinnamon 2½ Qt, tall & wide.  Image from 1985 catalogue.)

(Photo below: Slate 1 Qt, short & wide.  Image from 1985 catalogue.)1985 Catalogue Image; Slate 1 Qt Store N See
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