Pyrex Juice Pitchers & Beverage Jugs   

Pyrex juice servers were introduced in 1958.  The first type to be offered was a flask-shaped juice bottle with a narrow neck and a level rim, in two sizes: 1 Qt (8¾" tall) & 1½ Qt (9½" tall).  Although other unique shapes were also manufactured during the 1960s, the original shape was the most common throughout this period.  It was offered with a variety of patterns, most printed in gold.
A design depicting kitchen utensils was the first to arrive, in early 1958.  It has no official pattern name, but an advertisement stated it was "decorated with elegant gold kitchen utensil design".  Motifs include a colander, egg basket, grater and measuring spoons, among others.  This pattern remained about two years.  Visit the Corning Museum of Glass for another photo.


Pyrex juice servers, gold patterns, images from brochures, 1960, 1961, 1968
Juice servers with gold patterns: kitchen utensils (left), Gold Puff and Campaigners (centre), floral design (right, also below).  Images from 1960 catalogue and 1961 & 1968 leaflets.
Arriving in early 1960, a diamond & starburst design was offered in 1 Qt & 1½ Qt sizes.  This pattern was also produced in turquoise with a 1½ Qt size and four matching 5 oz glasses in a "Juice Quintet" set that also debuted in early 1960.  Both variations of this pattern were available for about one year.  Visit the Corning Museum of Glass for a photo of the Juice Quintet.
Advertising from 1961 provides names for Gold Puff and Campaigners.  The latter depicts four characters carrying placards printed with "Orange", "Lemon", "Grape", and "Iced Tea".  Both patterns were manufactured in 1 Qt & 1½ Qt sizes.  Visit the Corning Museum of Glass for another photo of Gold Puff.


Pyrex juice servers with gold patterns
Gold patterns: floral design (1½ Qt), diamonds & starbursts (1 Qt).
A floral design is vaguely similar to Golden Honeysuckle, but has no specific official name.  In 1 Qt & 1½ Qt sizes, it first appeared in 1963 and remained about five years.  It was the last gold pattern offered with this juice server shape.
Colourful patterns debuted in 1968 with citrus slices in two colour schemes: oranges & lemons, and lemons & limes.  They were linked with Daisy & Verde initially, but from the 1970s to the 1990s, variations of this design also appeared on other types of Pyrex juice jugs & pitchers.


Pyrex juice jug, 1 Qt, turquoise pattern
Juice server (1 Qt).  The turquoise design depicts two apples and a leafy branch.  It dates to 1959 & 1960, and it seems that just one size was available.  Its flared rim is different from typical juice servers of the time.


Pyrex pitcher, Gold Key
Juice pitcher, Gold Key, lid not shown.
The Gold Key juice pitcher was available around 1961, and with a 60 oz capacity, it was the largest juice server at the time.  It is also one of the few Pyrex pitchers with a fully-attached handle; open-handle pitchers and handle-free juice bottles or jugs are more typical.  It was originally equipped with a metal "ice-retainer top" that clips onto the rim.  Visit the Corning Museum of Glass for another photo.
Another entirely unique juice server has a white flip-top lid.  Available in 1 Qt & 1½ Qt sizes, its decoration depicts starbursts and other gold motifs.  This type became available in 1962 and remained into 1963.  It seems that only one pattern was ever produced with this shape.  Visit the Corning Museum of Glass for a photo of a flip-top juice server.
Plain undecorated juice servers with extra-wide rims were produced in 1966.  They were offered only in a 1 Qt size, but with a choice of four colours for the plastic top: white, yellow, blue, orange.  Although the original label calls it a "Juicer", neither the lid nor the jug functions as a reamer.
Open Handle Pitcher:

Sizes: 1 Qt (7¼" tall); 1½ Qt (8½" tall)

Patterns: Butterfly Gold, Snowflake Blue, Spring Blossom Green, citrus slices (oranges & lemons, lemons & limes), undecorated/white.
Spring Blossom Green open-handle pitcher; 1972 advertisement.The open handle juice pitcher first appeared in 1965, when it was sold undecorated with a white printed backstamp and an optional white plastic lid.
Decorated with citrus slices in two different colour combinations, and topped by a yellow lid, it was grouped with Verde & Daisy from 1968 to the early 1970s.
(Photo: Spring Blossom Green open-handle pitcher with matching Glas-Snap.  Image from 1972 advertisement.)
In spring 1972, this pitcher became a Pyrex Compatible, available in three different Corelle patterns.  These choices remained until 1974, and each pattern was paired with a white lid this time.  Although Old Town Blue was in production at that time, this type of pitcher was not offered in that pattern.
Pitchers were typically sold individually, but in Spring Blossom Green, this type was also part of a "Sip 'N' Serve" set that paired one pitcher with four green Glas-Snap mugs.  It is unclear whether Butterfly Gold and Snowflake Blue were marketed in Sip 'N' Serve sets.


Pyrex pitcher, Snowflake Blue
Snowflake Blue open handle pitcher (1 Qt), lid not shown.
Juice Bottle, Slanted Rim: 

Sizes: 1 Qt (8¼" tall); 1½ Qt (9¾" tall)

Patterns: Butterfly Gold, Snowflake Blue, Spring Blossom Green, Old Town Blue, citrus slices (oranges & lemons, all oranges, all lemons), Green Floral.

1970s Juice Bottles, slanted rim, 1.5 Qt, 1 Qt.Flask-shaped juice bottles with a slanted rim date to at least 1970 when they were available in Green Floral and three colour combinations of citrus slices.  All four were equipped with yellow plastic lids.  Older lids have a gold-tone metal disc on the top and newer ones do not.
(Photo: 1½ Qt & 1 Qt slanted rim juice bottles, all oranges.)  Visit Replacements Ltd. for a photo of Old Town Blue.
As Pyrex Compatibles, four patterns were offered during the mid 1970s.  A white plastic lid was provided with these choices.
The shape is similar to juice servers from the late 1950s & 1960s, but its most distinguishing feature is the angle of the rim.  In profile, the rim of the older type is level, and the rim of the newer type slants upwards.  Older ones also have a very narrow neck, makingGreen Floral Juice Bottles; Image from 1970 catalogue. them difficult to clean, so the wider neck from the 1970s is an improved design.
(Photo: Green Floral Juice Bottles, 1 Qt & 1½ Qt.  Image from 1970 catalogue.)
Associated with Verde, Green Floral pre-dates Corelle and despite the similarities, it isn't Spring Blossom Green.  The original label reveals that its correct name really is Green Floral.
Beverage Jug, gold/yellow sunburst:

Pyrex cruet with yellow sunburst design
Oil/vinegar cruet.  Salt & pepper sets, cruets and juice jugs debuted with this design in 1973.
Beverage Jug, Smooth Neck:

Sizes: 56 oz "1½ Qt" (8¼" tall); 72 oz "2 Qt" (9½" tall)

Patterns: no spout - Butterfly Gold, Spring Blossom Green, Old Town Blue.

Patterns: with spout - citrus slices (oranges & lemons, all oranges).
This new larger shape without a spout first appeared with Corelle patterns and was available between 1976 & 1978.  Each came with a white plastic lid.  Following its stint as a Pyrex Compatible, a spout was added to the beverage jug and it was printed with citrus slice variations into the early 1980s.  With this decoration, a yellow lid was provided.


Beverage Jugs: Old Town Blue, Butterfly Gold, Spring Blossom Green; 1978 brochure.
72 oz beverage jugs with smooth neck and no spout: Old Town Blue, Butterfly Gold, Spring Blossom Green.  Two are filled with 72 oz of juice.  Image from 1978 brochure.
Beverage jugs with spouts, oranges & lemons, images from 1981 catalogueInitially, their capacities were stated as 56 oz (1¾ Qt) & 72 oz (2¼ Qt), and they hold that amount comfortably.  They were re-labelled later as 1½ Qt & 2 Qt, without changing their size or shape.  But in practice both sizes hold one cup more than that. 
(Photo: Beverage jugs with spouts, oranges & lemons, 56 oz "1½ Qt" & 72 oz "2 Qt".  Images from 1981 catalogue.)
Beverage Jug, Rippled Neck:

Sizes & Patterns: 

56 oz "1½ Qt" (8¼" tall) - citrus slices (all lemons), undecorated/white.

72 oz "2 Qt" (9½" tall) - citrus slices (all lemons), Country Cornflower, citrus slices with measuring lines (all lemons).

1½ Qt (10½" tall) - Store 'N' Pour, Country Cornflower, citrus slices with measuring lines (all lemons).
Beverage Jugs with rippled necks, lemon slices & Store 'N' Pour, image from 1985 catalogue             
During the early 1980s the neck of the beverage jug transitioned from smooth to rippled, and the only pattern choice remaining was lemon slices, with a yellow lid.  The undecorated version with white markings and a white lid also might be from the early 1980s.
(Photo: 72 oz "2 Qt" lemon slices, tall 1½ Qt Store 'N' Pour.  Image from 1985 catalogue.)
A third size with a rippled neck had also arrived by the mid 1980s, a very tall and narrow 1½ Qt jug.  Initially named "Store 'N' Pour", it was printed with beige measuring lines and topped by a beige plastic lid.


Pyrex juice jugs, undecorated with white lid & lemon slices
Undecorated with white lid (1½ Qt), lemon slices (72 oz "2 Qt").
All Pyrex pitchers & beverage jugs were discontinued in early 1986.  But two of the three rippled-neck jugs, tall 1½ Qt and 72 oz "2 Qt", were later revived in two new patterns: Country Cornflower with a blue lid, and lemon slices with measuring lines using a yellow lid.  The re-introduction date is not known, but the lemon slice design was still on the market as late as 1995.  Country Cornflower Corelle debuted in 1988, so juice jugs in this pattern cannot be older than that.


Pyrex juice jugs, lemons with measuring lines, Country Cornflower
Lemon slices with measuring lines (72 oz "2 Qt"), Country Cornflower (tall 1½ Qt).
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