Pyrex Profile - Friendship (1971)   

Friendship became the newest Pyrex pattern in early 1971.  Multi-piece sets combine patterned bowls or casseroles with solid orange and red ones.  The design incorporates decorative elements that are typical of rural Pennsylvania folk art and was created by artist Gregory Mirow.  Friendship remained on the market until 1974.


Pyrex Friendship 401 & 402 nesting bowls, 501 refrigerator dish
Friendship 401 & 402 nesting bowls, 501 refrigerator dish.

When the pattern first arrived, decorated clear lids were provided with all casserole sizes, including ovals and 470/480-series, but lids switched to opal Pyrex in 1972.  Both lid types are patterned.  470/480 casseroles include a solid orange 471, solid red 472 & 474, and the 473 & 475 are patterned.  Oval 043s are orange, and 045s & 063 divided dishes are red.
Friendship 500 set & 400 set, image from 1971 catalogue.Nesting bowl sets alternate patterned bowls with solid-coloured ones, with 401, 403, 441, 443 being patterned, 402 & 444 solid red, and 442 & 404 solid orange.  Refrigerator dish sets include two orange 501s, a red 502, and a patterned 503.

(Photo: 500-series refrigerator dishes, 400-series round nesting bowls.  Image from 1971 catalogue.)

One baking pan is known in Friendship, a 933 rectangular, which is printed with a red-only pattern.  In other patterns, this size was normally sold in a three-piece set with a 913 loaf pan & 922 square pan, but these sizes do not seem to exist in Friendship.


Friendship 475 casserole with clear lid
Friendship 475 casserole with clear lid.  The same design, with three birds, is printed on both clear lids and opal lids for regular 470/480 casserole sets.

Additional solid red items using the same colour as Friendship include: 024/684 casserole, 700 Pixie casserole, 401 round bowl.  The latter was sold individually in open stock, but it is not known whether the larger sizes were also marketed this way.  Pixie casseroles also exist in orange, also matching Friendship.

Friendship and Daisy use the same shade of orange.  Mainly, the orange pieces from each pattern are different sizes, so they belong to one or the other, not both.  The orange 043 casserole is an exception, and with the correct lid, it can go with either pattern.  Orange pieces that belong to Friendship exclusively are: 404, 442, 471, 501.


Red 024 Pyrex casserole
Red 024 (2 Qt) round casserole.  Its original label called it "Red", but the colour matches Friendship's other red pieces.
Penn Dutch (1970): 
Before Friendship's debut, a single 475 casserole was offered in a special set during late 1970 & early 1971.  In company literature it was called "Penn Dutch" instead of Friendship, short for Pennsylvania Dutch presumably.  Both the casserole and its opal lid are more densely patterned than a regular Friendship 475.

Identifying features of the special version are: four orange dots above the birds' heads on the casserole, and a continuous ring of red daisies around the lid.  Also part of this set is an opal Pyrex under-plate (795) whose rim is decorated with a ring of red daisies.  The shape is borrowed from Pyrex restaurant ware, so it is really a 10½" dinner plate.


Pyrex 475 casseroles, comparing Friendship & Penn Dutch
475 casseroles, comparing Friendship (top) and Penn Dutch (bottom), lids not shown.  The lid intended for Penn Dutch has four birds on it instead of three.  Visit the Corning Museum of Glass for a photo of the under-plate.


Nesting Bowls:

300-Series Round - 401, 402 (red), 403

400-Series Round - 401, 402 (red), 403, 404 (orange)

440-Series Cinderella - 441, 442 (orange), 443, 444 (red)

Round 401 (red), ...



Cinderella Casseroles (470 Set) - 471 (orange), 472 (red), 473 - with patterned lids, clear or opal*

Cinderella Casseroles (480 Set) - 473, 474 (red), 475 - with patterned lids, clear or opal*

Cinderella Casserole, single - 475 - named "Penn Dutch", with patterned opal lid* and 795 under-plate

Oval Casseroles - 043/943 (orange); 045/945 (red) - with patterned lids, clear or opal

Divided Dish - 063/945** (red) - with patterned lid, clear or opal

Refrigerator Dishes - 501 (orange), 502 (red), 503 

Baking Pan - 933‡ rectangular - red pattern

Round Casserole - 024 (red)

Pixie Casserole - 700 (red, orange)

* - Cinderella casserole lids made of opal Pyrex are numbered differently for some reason, marked 20-C, 24-C, 25-C, instead of 470-C, 474-C, 475-C.

** - Although catalogues and packaging state that a covered divided dish is a 963, neither the lid nor the dish is marked this way.  The dish itself is an 063, but this number only appears on examples made during the mid 1970s.  Its lid is a non-divided 945, the same lid that is meant for an 045 casserole.  Since about 1972, the capacity of an 063 had been stated as 1 Qt rather than 1½ Qt.

‡ - Markings on certain baking pans give the impression that they are numbered 833, but it might be an error.  Company literature states that they are meant to be 933.

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