Pyrex Profile - Homestead (1976)

Homestead was the newest Pyrex Ware pattern in 1976.  Its original version was last available in 1980, but the design returned about four years after that with a brown variation.  Homestead was designed by artist Estelle Rothstein.

Differing from many Pyrex patterns, Homestead does not have an alternating colour scheme.  In its original version, all pieces are speckled beige with a blue pattern, and the new version is solid beige with a brown pattern.  Additional pieces also exist with no printed pattern at all.  Jump to: Brown Version, Unpatterned Version.

Original blue version:

Although it is not exactly a Corelle pattern, Homestead was promoted at its launch as the ideal complement to Old Town Blue, introduced in 1972.  As in, "The Homestead Collection … Blends Beautifully with Old Town Blue."  Although it was pictured frequently alongside Old Town Blue in catalogues, the original packaging did not bear the Compatibles brand name.  But some boxes did state "Complements your Corelle Livingware by Corning".


Pyrex 401s & 402s: Blue & Brown Homestead mixed together.
401s & 402s: blue & brown Homestead mixed together.  The background colours are slightly different, even disregarding the speckled finish.  The brown pattern is newer than the original blue version.

Initially, oval casseroles and Cinderella casseroles were equipped with speckled beige opal Pyrex lids, and the smallest 471 had no printed pattern at all.  By mid 1977 this was no longer the case, and casseroles manufactured during the later part of this pattern's lifespan came with clear Pyrex lids, and 471s from this time do have a blue design.
Each of the bowls of the 400-series set were available individually in open stock as well as in boxed sets of three or four, from approximately 1977 to 1979.  From the late 1970s until 1980, 474 and 475 casseroles were sold singly with the numbers 484 or 485 on the boxes.
A six-piece Country Kitchen Set was available sometime between 1978 & 1980.  This assortment consists of pieces gathered from three different sets: 503 refrigerator dish & lid, 475 casserole & lid, and 402 & 403 round nesting bowls.  Homestead also includes the only known examples of three-piece Cinderella bowl sets, a 433-series set (441, 442, 443) and a 430-series set (442, 443, 444).


1976 The Homestead Collection
470-series casseroles, 400-series nesting bowls, 664 round casserole, 480-series casseroles.  Image from 1976 catalogue.  About mid 1977, oval 043 & 045 casseroles and 470/480-series casseroles switched to plain clear lids.  A blue pattern was also added to the 471 at that time.


1976 The Homestead Collection
300-series round bowls, 500-series refrigerator set, 043 & 045 oval casseroles, 440-series Cinderella bowls.  Image from 1976 catalogue.
No divided dishes or baking pan sets were offered in Homestead.  Although 1410 mugs exist in blue Homestead, it is not clear whether they were a regular production item.
In Australia, Homestead was named Sandstock instead, but the pattern is exactly the same.  It is still American-made Pyrex, but in a different box.


Nesting Bowls:

300-Series Round - 401, 402, 403

400-Series Round - 401, 402, 403, 404

440-Series Cinderella - 441, 442, 443, 444

Singles - 401, 402, 403, 404

6-Piece Country Kitchen Set - 402, 403, 503, 475 - clear lid



Cinderella Casseroles (470 Set) - 471, 472, 473 - unpatterned 471 + speckled opal lids*, or patterned 471 + plain clear lids

Cinderella Casseroles (480 Set) - 473, 474, 475 - speckled opal lids*, or plain clear lids

Cinderella Casserole, Single (484 set) - 474 - clear lid

Cinderella Casserole, Single (485 set) - 475 - clear lid

Oval Casserole - 043/943 - speckled opal lid, or plain clear lid

Oval Casserole - 045/945 - speckled opal lid, or plain clear lid

Refrigerator Set - 501 (unpatterned), 502, 503

Round Casserole - 664

6-Piece Country Kitchen Set - 402, 403, 503, 475 - clear lid
* - Cinderella casserole lids made of opal Pyrex are numbered differently for some reason, marked 20-C, 24-C, 25-C, instead of 470-C, 474-C, 475-C.


Tabletop Ware: 

Mug - 1410 (blue on speckled beige)


Libbey Glassware: There is glassware that seems to match Homestead, but it is not clear whether it is an official licensed product.  The pattern is blue with a beige speckled background, and the shape is the familiar Corelle Coordinates style with a single bulge near the bottom.
New brown version:

Blue on speckled beige is the original colour scheme of Homestead, but there is a second version with a Brown design on a solid beige background.  Original packaging shows that it was also named Homestead.  Some packaging also carries a copyright date of 1984, placing brown Homestead in the early to mid 1980s, and certainly newer than the Blue version.  Exact starting and ending dates for the Brown version are uncertain.


Pyrex brown Homestead 475
Brown Homestead 475 casserole, with clear brown Fireside 475 lid.

In terms of the specific pattern, the Brown one varies from the Blue only slightly.  It is a scaled down and smaller version of the Blue design, and on some pieces certain motifs are missing from the Brown design.  Lids for 480-series casseroles are clear dark brown amber Pyrex, a colour borrowed from the Fireside product line.

Only selected pieces were available in Brown, and one special item was a Bake 'N' Carry set that combined a 475 casserole and a quilted cosy.  471 & 472 Cinderella casseroles seem to be absent, so it is doubtful that a 470 set was offered.  404 bowls do not seem to exist either.


Nesting Bowls:

300-Series Round - 401, 402, 403

440-Series Cinderella - 441, 442, 443, 444



Cinderella Casseroles (480 Set) - 473, 474, 475 - brown clear lids

Cinderella Casserole, Single (485 Set) - 475 - "Bake 'N' Carry", brown clear lid and cosy*

* - The quilted cosy in the Bake 'N' Carry set is not printed with a Homestead design.  It is off-white with a small brown pattern and a solid brown interior.
Unpatterned version:

Aside from the usual unpatterned 471 & 501, there are at least six more sizes decorated with Homestead's speckled beige colour, but no blue pattern.  Known items are 402 & 403 round bowls, 045 oval casserole, and 473, 474, 475 Cinderella casseroles, the latter three comprising a 480 set.  All four casseroles use opal lids, as regular blue Homestead did during 1976 & 1977.


Pyrex 475 & 045 casseroles, beige with brown speckles
Beige with brown speckles, but no blue pattern: 475 with 25 lid, and oval 045 (lid not shown).
If the unpatterned version has a different official name, it is not known.  The casseroles' markings date them to the mid 1970s, and they could pre-date the standard blue Homestead pattern.  At least one 480 set was packed in a plain box that was printed only with an alpha-numeric code, suggesting that this colour was not distributed by the usual retail channels and might not be a regular production item.
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