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April 6, 2014

An impressive quantity of Corning Ware & Corelle literature has arrived courtesy of a very generous contributor, and we are especially appreciative of their time and effort in making these pages available to us.  Thank you!

Latest addition: 1963 Electromatics Use & Care Percolator, Skillet & Platter.

Recent new photos: Pacific Bloom creamer, "country festival" Dominion Glass, British 166/266 casserole, Checkers 513 casserole, Fireside 502, Terra 472, New multi-colour 400-series, Daisy 400-series, red & orange 400-series, 213 loaf in Teleflora stand

Three articles from Photo Gallery have become nine articles that are now accessible here: Non-Standard Pyrex.


February 28, 2014

New additions from our very generous contributor: 1967 Corning Ware catalogue.

New photos since last time: Orchard Rose, Primavera Corning Ware, Pirate Gold Gemco, Corning Ware with a pink & grey iris design, French White Blue Band, divided dish with yellow starburst design, Yellow Crackle & Green Crackle, mid 1930s Pyrex measuring cup, Fry Ovenglass 1932-10, TK-2 Deluxe Teakettle.


February 1, 2014

New additions from our very generous contributor: French White Corning Ware Use & Care, 1967 Menu-ette, Saucemaker, Bake/Store brochures.

Also new: Eaton's Haddon Hall Neoceram.


January 24, 2014

New addition from our very generous contributor: Electromatic Serving Tray Use & Care.

New photos are: Spring Green L-22Golden Tulip 024, green ivy Chip & Dip, Floral divided dish, English Meadow & Provincial Blue, Avocado salt shaker


January 15, 2014

New addition from our very generous contributor: 1976 Leaflet of Spice O' Life quilted accessories.

Other new additions: Pyrex 683 utility lid, JAJ red wheat design, Pyroceram Tableware with a brown band, Red 024 casserole.


December 29, 2013

New additions from our very generous contributor: 1972 S&H Catalogue, 1979 Expressions Brochure.

New photos: 575 with black roosters & sunflowers, Sedlex saucepan, Horizon Blue 472, Butterprint 501, Delicate Touch gravy boat.


December 19, 2013

New addition from our very generous contributor: E-1210 Percolator Use & Care.

Most recent new photos: Comcor Nebula, Compare Sunshine & Folk Stitch, Green Salad 444, 475 with blue & green lid, Pyroflam with 6 blue leaves.


December 4, 2013

New additions from our very generous contributor: 1970-1971 S&H Catalogues.

New photos are: 455 Cocotte, Basketweave 024s, Dots H-16 platter.


November 20, 2013

New additions from our very generous contributor: 1979 Percolator Incentive Program, 1959 S&H Catalogue.

And a few new photos: Symphony Corning Ware, beige & white, A New Leaf, Country Promenade, 595 divided dish, KitchenAid bowl, blue, green, yellow Bordette, Ivory Calypso L-32.


November 13, 2013

New addition from our very generous contributor: 1972 Electromatic Skillet Use & Care.

Also, some new photos: Cranberry 7401-S, Cobalt Blue Serveware bowls, Fireside Sculptured Ovenware, Spice O' Life P-106, Golden Chip & Dip 444 Clear oval 191 pie dish, 385 plates, "A Leaside" Saucemaker.


October 31, 2013

New additions from our very generous contributor: 1967 Corning Ware Electromatics Catalogue, 1964 Beverage Maker Use & Care.


October 17, 2013

New additions from our very generous contributor: 1972 Sears Catalogue, 1973 Sears Catalogue, 1975 Sears Catalogue, Electromatic Percolator Use & Care, 1976 Corning Ware ad, Filter-Drip Coffee Use & Care.


July 29, 2013

New since last time: Corning Ware baking pansPansy, French Garden, 1981 Centura mug, Silver Birch casserole, ice bucket insert, orange stripe 475, Vintage 473.  Also: Fry Ovenglass.


July 9, 2013

New photos since last time are: Cobalt Blue L-21, British 301 bowl, Matchmaker cup & saucer, clear Petalware sherbet, gold floral juice server, Gold Key pitcher.


May 31, 2013

New photos added in the past two weeks are: Early American 503, Daisy 475, Friendship, Peacock 229, French White Gold021/621 casserole, 223 & 221 cake pans, Bluebelle 401 & 402, 475 rust on ivory Bake 'N' Carry, and advertising - Phoenix (1962), Pyrex Gifts (1958).


May 17, 2013

New photos added in the past three weeks are: Little Gold Jug, tiny beakers, juice server with gold diamonds, blue 441 with gold grape motif, Terra mugs, and six platters - Indian Summer, Wildflower, Strawberry Sunday, unknown apple blossom, Iris, Spring Pond.  And what are engraving and etching?


April 27, 2013

Recent new photos: Alpine Blossom, Windsor Rose, Oceanview, 313 oval platter, 102 & 113 casserolesIridescent Pyrex 193, Floral Bouquet percolator, Platinum Starburst percolator, P-43 with cafe scenebrown Homestead 475, Verde 471, brown 043 with gold tulip design.  Additional info for Winter Festival.


March 28, 2013

New photos since last time: MacBeth-Evans Thistle, Gold Band Coupe, unknown apple blossom design, unknown hydrangea design, Comcor Nimbus, coral Wheatsheaf divided dish, "Milk" measuring cup, Bluebelle pie plate.


February 28, 2013

New content in the past month includes: Comcor Extra Photos, 1983 Corning Ware lid list, Compare Forest Fancies & Homestead, Light Blue 043French Corning Ware oval baker, Amethyst 702, Drinkups, yellow-printed measuring cup, Fireside 480 setclosed-handle liquid measure.


January 27, 2013

New additions since last time are: Chelsea demi-tasses, engraved 164, 2 cup carafe, Pyrex baster, 1978 Corelle ad, more from 1970 Pyrex catalogue, Which clear Pyrex uses the same lid?.


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